My Birthday Wish For You…2015


My Birthday Wish For You…2015

It is again that time of year. In case you are new to this, every year on my birthday I give up my birthday wishes for a chance to pass them on to you, my friends, loved ones and dear readers. This year is no different. So here it goes.

I wish for you to make a new friend because we can never have enough.

I wish for you to experience the love of a rescue animal. It will do your soul some good.

I wish for you to be kind and remember whatever you put out into the universe will make its way back to your door—good or bad, so be careful.

I wish for you to keep your personal space clutter free and your mind will follow.

I wish for you to believe in a higher power. Life will be much easier to bear.

I wish for you a great love, one that rages in your soul like a thousand fires. And if you’ve found it like me, I wish for you to keep it. Everything is different without it.

I wish for you to be happy with yourself, love handles and all.

And remember…

Dieting still sucks but sickness is worse.

Broken hearts are terrible but never loving is worse.

Loneliness is a state of mind, find your purpose. It’s never too late.

Always try to see the glass half full. It makes a big difference. Trust me.

Give yourself a break, learn to relax. Free yourself from the electronics we favor to take a walk on the beach, near the river or in the park.

And…if for some reason you feel God has given you a second chance this year, be thankful.

Realize what’s important and love with your last breath. In the end that’s all there really ever is.

All my love always,



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