My Name Is Abby Monroe and I’ve Been Murdered

My name is Abby Monroe and I’ve been murdered.

I took my final breaths on an icy cold January night. The weeks before my death, I didn’t know I was the victim of a stalker. Her obsession ran deep. She wanted my life, my man. But at the time, I had to question which one.

I lived the swinger lifestyle, sharing with my friends turned me on. But my life was cut short by the steely blade of a friend. My rich, handsome boyfriend tried his best to save me, almost losing his life in the process. I loved him. But not the way he wanted me to.

So with my dying breath, I wished him love. I wished him a life he really wanted because underneath his cool facade, Raymond Armstrong wanted love. Real, all consuming, out of control, love. And that’s why I sent him Jules Worthington.

Shattered_Innocence (1)

Jules Worthington is a young writer looking for the story of her career. She gets her chance during the course of research at a local swing club when she meets sexy, damaged Raymond Armstrong. He and his friends have been treated unfairly by the media. His latest lover, Abby Monroe, said to be slaughtered inside his home while he played sex games was a blatant lie. He wants her reputation restored, giving Jules the chance at the exclusive of a lifetime. But when she finds herself falling hard for the dashing young entrepreneur, she must find a way to give him her body without giving up her heart.

Under Raymond’s watchful eye and experienced hand, Jules will uncover the secrets of The Enclave. With her innocence shattered, she learns about obsessive love, unrelenting desire and an all-consuming passion that will drive her to the brink of insanity.

**Coming Spring 2015**




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