My Birthday Wish For You


My Birthday wish for you.

Each year on my birthday I pass my wish on to you. I like to reflect on all that I am grateful for. This year is no different. So, my wish for you is simply this:

On your birthday, I wish you all can reflect back over the year and smile. Learn to love the good, learn from the bad and remember how each day brings you closer to your inner success.
For me, this year, I am grateful for another year of laughing with my kids, watching them grow and navigate through life’s many mazes. I am grateful for another year to love my husband, laugh with him and grow older by his side. I found joy in meeting new friends and sorrow in letting old ones go.

I’m starting to learn to slow down and unwrap each day as a long awaited gift. I’m learning failure is a stepping stone to success and without it, we would never learn anything. I continue to believe headaches suck, losing weight gets harder and salt and pepper isn’t only found on food. And laundry just never ends no matter how you go at the task.

But, birthday cake is still yummy and scary movies are still thrilling (when you watch with a bestie who loves them as much as you do.) Meeting your best girlfriend for a cup of java needs to be planned way in advance but always worth the juggling your schedule for.

My biggest discovery of the year? I’ll never be without a dog. They are living, breathing, miracles who give us unconditional love and adoration. Without my “mutt named Bailey” I’d probably be on meds. (lol)

So….in a nutshell, on your birthday, instead of focusing on what passed you by this past year, focus on what makes you grateful for living. I can guarantee you’ll never be sad on your birthday again.

What does the picture have to do with this post? Hey, give me a break, it’s my birthday.

((HUGS)) Cherrie


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