The Birth Of The Binge Reader?

Everyone and no one likes a cliffhanger. And nowadays, you don’t have to put up with them. Simply put off watching your favorite show until the next one is on. This is becoming reality for countless people who save up a season worth of shows to binge watch in a weekend or two.
Let’s face it, the web has been competing with the entertainment industry for years now. Television has taken a back seat to youtube, facebook and instagram. No longer do we check the time, prepare the popcorn and sit down as a family to catch the latest episode of our favorite show. Gone are the days of squirming in our seats waiting for the next commercial to go pee.
And not to age myself, but back in the day, those cliffhangers had people talking for months on end. Speculating, guessing, chomping at the bit for any information on the fate of their favorite characters. Who shot JR? Yeah, I remember it. And what do I remember most? The amazing ratings the season premiere received. Everyone, fan of Dallas or not, tuned in to find out who committed the dastardly deed.
Not to say the season cliffhanger doesn’t work…it does but people are so impatient these days, we no longer are willing to wait, sometimes saving a season worth of shows only to watch as it coincides with the season premier. Confusing? You betcha.
Which brings me to the book series. According to some readers, they wait to start a series until there are two or more books out. I myself have been one of those ravenous readers, tearing through a book only to open the next one as soon as the first one is closed. But, seriously? If you find an appealing book, do you find yourself annoyed by the fact that the second book is not out yet? Would it determine whether or not you buy the first one? And if you do, how long is too long to wait for the next? As an author with multiple series in the works—I’d really love to know.


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