The Book Cover Made Me Do It…

463612939Did you ever hit that buy button based on a book cover? Yeah, me too.

One of the best moments of completing a book is knowing I will receive another cover for my collection. When the email arrives, my fingers twitch and I hold my breath until all the pixels align and…ahhh…magic.

The characters I created are there on the cover in full color. In my eyes, it solidifies their existence. And as a reader, when I come to the part of a book that’s so incredibly good, I often flip the book closed just to take another peek at the cover. These little masterpieces, have come a long way and the artists who create them are talented and oh so imaginative. And they very rarely get their share of credit for a book’s success. I hate to admit it but I’ve often overlooked the cover artist, thanking my editor and publisher profusely. Well no longer will I allow a fabulous book cover to go unnoticed.

Call it a tribute to all those overlooked, hardworking, talented and creative people who take a story and represent it as a whole in one picture. It’s supposed to catch your eye, draw you in, immediately appeal to your senses and create an attraction to the theme it represents. Without it, the blurb we authors spend time polishing to help sell our story will never be read in the first place. To join me, go to http// and begin posting your covers today.

The hot book covers facebook page is open to authors and readers alike who want to share their beautiful cover art. I welcome it, I encourage it and I am looking forward to seeing all these beautiful covers.


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