Write what you love…the rest will fall into place

186386452That’s what they say—that’s what I do. I never paid attention to the “crossing sub genres is career suicide” mentality. Why? Because I didn’t have a career yet. And what better way to carve out a path than to take a few different directions. I knew what I preferred to read but even that had its peaks and valleys.
As a reader, I jumped around. A lot. I went through some major phases. In the eighties, I feverishly read every horror I could get my hands on. The more blood the better. Then it was on to thrillers and ghost stories until I could no longer read after sunset. In the early nineties I gobbled every suspense story you could think of. Mary Higgins Clark and Nora Roberts were at the top of my list. I also went through a fantasy stage as well.
Then the vampire craze hit and that put me on the road to paranormal. Ahhh—the world of the paranormal beckons me every time. I cannot resist a great blurb about witches, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. And those blood sucking men oozing sex appeal from every pore as they will you into giving your blood to satisfy their salacious needs always make me swoon. The authors that write those scenes as if the victim will orgasm as the vampire rips open her throat for his latest meal are pure genius…You gotta love it.
Which brings me to the next four letter craze. BDSM. This lifestyle has boomed in popularity amongst readers due to fifty shades of course. Readers can’t seem to get enough of those triple X books. Me likey too. However, my interest in the erotic has since changed and no longer do I love a submissive being taught how to defy her master only to be paddled into orgasmic bliss. I’m sorta over it. Not to say I’d pass on a good erotic romance. There are authors who can weave a tale so hot even I would try the cuffs.
As an author I’ve written all of the above. What do I enjoy most? Well, that’s easy. I enjoy writing paranormal because I enjoy reading it most of all. Does that mean no more BDSM contemporaries or romantic comedies? I wouldn’t rule that out just yet. But what I do know is this….Write what you love and the rest will fall into place.


2 Responses to “Write what you love…the rest will fall into place”

  1. Hi Cherrie,

    I agree with what you have written. Write what you know! I have never gone through all those phases of genres, but I do understand what you mean. Your stories are fabulous and intriguing.

    That is what I am trying to do also write what I know. I remember watching a movie years ago called “I Remember Mama” The daughter wanted to be a writer and in fact she wrote the story of her Mama which they made into the movie. But there was a line in that movie that I will never forget, and that line was “Write what you know.” From then on I knew that was what I was going to do someday and I now have written what I know, about food, cooking, baking, and family.

    So Cherrie, by all means please continue to write what pleases you and what you know. It gives all of your readers (including me) pleasure I am sure.

    Blessings to you…Dottie 🙂


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