Vacation Time Is Reading Time


Vacations are made for relaxing. All electronics are to be removed EXCEPT for one very important gadget, the kindle. This magical device is one tool I cannot live without. Lugging books in a suitcase or carry on can be a hassle. Especially today with all the weight constraints. But with my kindle I get to carry a library of reads and buy on a whim. I will be loading my kindle today with the following.

About Last Night by: Ruthie Knox

Blindfolded Innocence by: Alessandra Torre

And no reading list would be complete without my favorite paranormal genre.

Hot Blooded by: Christine Feehan

Wicked Nights by: Gena Showalter

And my newest addiction: Rosanna Leo’s Gemini Island Shifter series:

Predator’s Refuge
Predator’s Claim

Oooh, where do I start. Not saying I will read all these books in one week’s time but if given the choice, I would. But there is the pesky obligation of having fun on my agenda too. Wishing you all a wonderful spring break. xoxoxo



2 Responses to “Vacation Time Is Reading Time”

  1. Rosanna Leo Says:

    Thanks very much for such a kind mention, Cherrie! You know you are welcome on Gemini Island anytime. We have a private cabin waiting just for you!


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