What? You Never Read The Sentinel Series….

I discovered The Sentinel Series through a friend a few years back. Ever since reading the first in the series, I’ve been pleasantly hooked. When I spotted the novella length Bound By Vengeance, I dug in. It flowed with the series well enough, Liam was your usual loveable, honorable theronai male. Our heroine had been damaged (part of an ongoing theme with these books lately) but stubborn and brave. Together, they slay demons, fall in love, and discover each other through their mind connection. I felt the ending was rushed but well worth reading if you’re a fan of Ms. Butcher’s, as I am.

Bound by Vengeance (Sentinel Wars, #5.5)Bound by Vengeance by Shannon K. Butcher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love The Sentinel series however, this one left me a bit cold. No problem with the length. It was an action packed, romance filled novella. The characters were likeable. My issue was with the ending. It was so abrupt, I went back to check twice to make sure my kindle wasn’t blanking out on me. It delivered the HEA but, for me, I felt like it was rushed.

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