There’s That Moment When You Say…..


Sometimes in life you have a moment. It’s a few fleeting seconds of complete clarity. Everything you ever questioned comes into focus and with it, the answers become crystal clear. Today, I had such a moment. I’ve been married now for almost seventeen years. And although I never questioned my choice of husband, life often makes you wonder what life would’ve been like if you chose a different path. We all do it, don’t we?

Well today, my husband and I were texting as we often do. And in our discussion, he texted me something that caused a shift in my world. He wrote, not in so many words, “I want it to be good for you.” Now get your minds out of the gutter where his usually is. It’s not like that. But, these eight little words summed up our life together.

That’s when it hit me. The picture was so clear in my mind. The sometimes mouthy, yet hysterically funny man who I chose to be my life partner was not only the best choice for me. He was the perfect choice. The only choice. Love can be said in many different languages but in my world, “I want it to be good for you.” says it all.

Because my husband has spent the last seventeen years making my life better. Striving to “make it good for me.” So, to my love, I say this, Thank you for giving me a fantastic home, a great family and a beautiful life. And honey? “You always make it good for me.”


2 Responses to “There’s That Moment When You Say…..”

  1. Dear Cherrie, This post is beautifully written. Very profound! “I want it to be good for you,” is a very powerful statement. You truly are on the right path, with your husband, your family, and your career. I agree, we all have had that moment when we think what would our life be if we took the other road instead. To me anyone that puts the other person’s needs before their own is a keeper. May you always have a blessed road to travel on. Thanks for this post, it really makes one think! Dottie ❤


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