Off Topic? Yeah…A Little


Can you say LOVE? I can. And as a romance author, I write about love everyday. I’m also a wife and mother who loves daily with all her heart. But love comes into your life very differently, doesn’t it? Obviously, it’s an emotion that doesn’t come in a ‘one size fits all’ kinda thing. For instance, the love I have for my husband holds passion, respect and genuine caring. The love I have for my children is a love I’ve never known. It’s a hands down, obsessive, all consuming love that would make me leap into the depths of hell to protect and nurture my babies. But then there’s Bailey. IMG_0051

The adorable creature pictured all over this post is, by far, the best-est friend E-va! And what I’ve learned from her, and dogs in general as I’ve had them my whole life, is their selfless way of loving. This way of loving is something us humans, I’m afraid, will never achieve. But…wouldn’t it be nice if we learned how? I’d say so…And you?


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