Witches Of The Bayou book series – An idea is born…

Readers often ask me where my book ideas come from. Most of my stories come out of nowhere, triggered by a song, a memory or a dream (daydreams included) However, A Late Summer Bloom, the first in my Witches Of The Bayou series was born on a family vacation. New Orleans was the place–and any trip to Louisiana wouldn’t be complete without exploring the outskirts of such a fine place. An out-of-the-way stop in Baton Rogue was the ticket. It was here, at Oak Alley Plantation, that the story of Julien Beaumont and Giselle Jareau was born. Walking along the alley of oaks at twilight was an experience I’ll never forget. It was just me-all alone. My husband and kids were at the lovely cottage on the grounds when I decided to set off on my walk. This is a purchased picture of Oak Alley Plantation.


As I walked amongst these amazing trees, my imagination went to work. And in the time it took me to meander amongst nature, my story had been written. Well, the basics anyway. And I couldn’t help but feel I had been there before. Some other time, long ago. Could that be possible? So here’s the strange thing. When my family decided to stretch out and get comfortable in the cottage, I immediately grabbed my camera and went for my adventure. (Hours in a car with two kids will make you crave to be outside with the bugs) I started to snap some pictures of the grounds, the house, the trees and I walked on the side of the mansion where I took the most fabulous picture at the strangest angle. I caught the sidelight as it lit up and the old wooden window frame. I thought I was being quite artistic. After some time outside alone, the loud sounds of the bugs seemed to chase me back to the cottage. It was just as well, nature called and I hade to use the bathroom. I rushed inside asking where I could find the bathroom. I passed the kids, passed the husband and went to use the facilities. Inside, there was a small sitting area with a mirror and a few wall hangings. It was then I saw it. The picture I took minutes before hung in a frame on the wall in my cottage bathroom. The EXACT picture. The angle was the same. The little light was the same. The time of day was the same. They were the same! I ran to show my husband who explained it away as a coincidence. But I’m not so sure. Magic? Something more? I choose to believe it is. After all, who couldn’t use a little magic in their lives? I know I can.


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