Where Love Begins…


Do you remember your first love? Of course you do. When love begins, your heart races, your breath catches in your throat and your knees grow weak. Yeah… Sure signs that love is in the air. And who doesn’t love to fall in love? We remember it fondly don’t we? How the blood rushes to all those wonderful ahem….places.

Did you risk it all by breaking curfew just to spend another minute alone with the object of your desire? Ahhh… First love equals young love. And boy how we see things differently through young eyes blinded by emotion. Life’s little necessities don’t even come into account during these whirlwind romances. A job? Nah.. who cares? A failing grade? Nah… who cares? A crazy family? Nah… who cares?

The only thing that matters is you and him. Family, even friends can’t convince you it’s not gonna last. You think this love will last forever. That is until you start to grow up. Suddenly you realize this person who blindsided you has issues. Real issues you can’t seem to overlook. Is he going to stay in his mom’s basement forever? Does he really think pumping gas is a lifetime career choice? And when did this exciting, passionate love morph into such a bland and boring relationship? Ahhh, those are the questions that show us our first inkling that this love isn’t the end all love we thought it was. So, we move on. But the memory of that first love? It’s magical isn’t it? For me it is.

When I met my husband, I had the same feelings. But here’s the best part. Those questions that fire into your mind as the relationship progresses to the next level were all answered. And the answers held merit. Now this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Sixteen years later, I still feel the same. I am lucky, I know. But, the feeling of that first love, that initial can’t get enough feeling is no longer present in my marriage. Instead it has grown bigger, more vibrant. And sure, he can really push my buttons and aggravate me beyond belief but, I wouldn’t have it any other way. What about you? Any memories of a first love? And when did you realize that love wasn’t going to last? <a


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