Finding Joy In The Chores Of The Holiday Season


For me, holiday time was something I looked forward to. As a child I was truly blessed with a large family and Christmas time was a HUGE event. Homemade ravioli, Christmas Ham and more side dishes than a cruise ship buffet. Beside gift giving and mass, eating was the main event in my home. And as I aged, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives joined the group, nieces and nephews came along and somewhere along the way, I grew up. No longer the receiver of the many beautifully wrapped packages under the tree, I was now a giver. I loved the look on the faces of the kids as they discovered the surprise that lay beneath the layers of ribbons and bows. My home was a noisy hub of commotion as people mashed into a tiny house in Queens to celebrate. It seems so long ago, yet I can remember it so clearly. Today I live in Florida, the weather is a balmy 80 degrees on Christmas but, I can easily close my eyes and recall the chill in the air as I go back in time. So, what’s changed? Well, now I’m the mother, the wife, the party planner. It all rests with me. The cookies, the wrapping, the activities, the decorating, the dinner, the holiday cards and the list goes on and on. Most days, it’s hard to find the joy. I’ll never meet my own expectations but that’s just what they are, my own. So, whatever pressures you put on yourself this holiday season find a moment to stop and breathe. You won’t fall short in the eyes of those who love you. Because even if you did, I don’t think it would even matter. What do you think?


3 Responses to “Finding Joy In The Chores Of The Holiday Season”

  1. Dear Cherrie, You are amazing, I have tears in my eyes as I am reading this, because I not only know you and your family, but I can relate to your words as well. Those days are memories now..Yes, things have changed in my family to. My parents are in their high 80’s, and we no longer do the cooking we used to do on Christmas. Who doesn’t eat that food, you have to watch the salt and fat intake, too sweet for desserts, etc. So I am the baker, the cook, the coordinator, and anything else I can do. I do not have sisters, but my 2 sister-in-laws help when they can, but they have their families to deal with… I am also the giver, not the receiver, but I like it that way, because I love to see the excitement of my nieces and nephews faces. That is what Christmas is all about to me, being with the family, playing games, and yes the food as well. I try to do it all in the short time we have till Christmas, but with myself not well, it is even harder. I do take time to breathe and then I am needed somewhere, so on the go again. But like you said I am not going to let it bother me if the cookies didn’t come out so perfect, or I forgot to put out the special decorations, or even if the table is not just so. I am going to focus on the fact that I have an amazing family, and I thank God every day! Thank you for this! You are an amazing person, and a great writer. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all….<3


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