Is Newtown A New Town?

Is Newtown a New Town?

Yes. I’d say so. Today marks one year since a crazed gunman changed the lives of twenty six families and thrust anger and sorrow into the heart of people across this country. I am one of them. My town has changed. For the better? Some might say so. There a police posted at the elementary schools, increases in security measures, schools locking classrooms and emergency drills. All this in case some deranged person decides to walk onto a school campus and kill people. But, with all these changes has it helped? Will it stop? Unfortunately—no. Will stricter gun laws help? Probably not. Because those who are willing to follow the law are not the same people who decide to shoot up a school. If you see something, say something. Sound familiar? This important advice has thwarted many planned attacks. Be alert when it comes to your neighbors, your children’s classmates, your own kids. Pay attention to what they tell you and if your children don’t tell you much, ask. Is there someone at school who makes them uncomfortable? Why? Community parenting is becoming the new norm. Lend an ear or a helpful hand to those who seek advice. You never know who you might help or what you can prevent. Get involved. Don’t turn a blind eye. Because when you do, we all suffer.


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