Memories Of My Mother

I said I wouldn’t linger on it, but I did. I said I’d focus on my family but I didn’t. I said I wouldn’t shed a tear, but I did. It has been fourteen years since the passing of my mother. The one constant in my life. And when I say constant, I mean constant. She was constantly telling me I could do better, I could reach for the stars, I was meant to do great things, that I, of little wealth, could build a life for myself through hard work and achieve almost anything. The one who constantly praised me and constantly showed her love for me in every little thing she did. An expression, a squeeze of my hand, a wink or a slight smile to brighten up my mood was her way of showing me her love. And I always knew how she felt about me, what lengths she would go to, to help me grow into a well-rounded individual. I’ve come to the conclusion that her actions, not just her words, have made me a better person and mother. I pass along the wink, the constant I love you’s and the signature squeeze of the hand, to let my children know how much they’re loved. This is a legacy no one can take from her. And on this day, I can close my eyes and still recall every painful emotion and overwhelming grief I felt, as if it is happening at this very moment. And yet, I stop myself when it bubbles up to the surface and the tears form. I realize there is no better tribute to a woman who raised six beautiful children with love, than to smile, honor her life, and thank God for giving her to me. So for those of you who still have your mom, wrap your arms around her and focus on her love. Because in this life, for most of us, there is no one who will love you more


2 Responses to “Memories Of My Mother”

  1. this is lovely. yesterday was the passing of my mother – she died in 2004 at the age of 61. I do wish she was still here – i miss her everyday.


    • I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom was very young when she passed. My mother was 72 years old when she died and her mom, my grandmother, passed just seven years prior to her at the ripe old age of 94. And I wish everyday they were still here too. I know how you feel. Thanks for sharing.


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