A New Hot List Pick…

So I know I haven’t been posting too many picks on the Hot List but, in the next few weeks, I will try to make up for it. As you know, I post reader picks as well as my own. In romance, there are so many sub genre’s and honestly, some of the choices made by fellow readers are books I might’ve never discovered. That is why I love this list. It has opened the door to a whole new experience in reading for me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have my favorite sub-genre’s but every once and while a book comes along and makes me go ….hmm.
Here’s what Robin has to say about Initiate by: Nulli Para Ora.


Ever so often a book comes along that sticks with me long after the final page. Initiate is just such a book. I loved, loved, loved (did I say loved?) Nulli’s tale of forbidden romance between a tortured hero and a bold heroine. Cirian was…sigh…sexy beyond words. Ashland was brave and mouthy and exactly what I like to see in a heroine. I think my Nook caught on fire at one point I was flipping pages that fast! If you’re looking for something completely fresh in the world of romance, be sure to check out Initiate.


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