What I’m Working On…


I’m often asked what I’m working on. Besides the follow up book for my Little Black Box series and the next installment of Follow That Dress (which are stand alone novella’s) you can find me feverishly working (more like thinking lately) on one or more of my novels in progress. You see, when inspiration hits, I listen. I sit down, stretch my arms out over the keyboard and dive in. Sometimes I don’t come up for air until my back is knotted and my fingers are numb. (Except of course those occasions when the potato chips are calling my name.) And the funny thing is, when I have a writing date with my BFF, fellow up and coming new adult author, Sybil Bartel, we nosh like there’s no tomorrow. So, here’s a glimpse into one of those novels I am in the process of writing. I can’t say I’m halfway there or even a quarter of the way because I have no idea how long this book will be. Until Jules and Raymond can pinpoint exactly what it will take for them to fall deeply I love, I can’t say. But I will say this….This one is a whole lotta fun!

Abby Road At The Enclave

Jules Worthington is a young writer looking for the story of her career. She gets her chance during the course of research at a local swing club in Long Island NY. Raymond Armstrong and his friends have been treated unfairly by the media. His latest lover, Abby, had been slaughtered inside his very own home by an unstable woman. He wants her reputation restored and Jules is just the one who can do it. What’s the catch? Live the life of Abby Monroe for one month. Be inside the special relationships of The Enclave and learn what it’s like to take part in the “lifestyle.” And Jules doesn’t hesitate. But when she finds herself falling for Raymond Armstrong, she must find a way to give him her body without giving up her heart.


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