History, Intrigue and Romance!

Those of you who love when a story takes you away to a faraway land filled with romance, grand palaces and blue blooded royals, will love Robin Danner’s Princes series. These spicy novella’s will grab you and transport you to another place and time. Isn’t that what we want when we read a book? This author has a savvy hand with historical romance and if that’s your interest, grab the first in the series, The Princes Bound.

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop

****The Princes Needed by: Robin Danner****

Wilhem Mosley is haunted by the memories of his parents’ murders by the Noventian rebels. He will do anything to make sure the man responsible for their deaths is punished. As an advisor to King Talin of Noventia, he hides his torment behind a false veneer of joviality.

Charity, the princess of Aronia, goes to Noventia in search of happiness. After the death of her father, the palace at Aron has become too glum for her. While at N’ior, she encounters Wilhem. The attraction between the two is immediate. But for a woman searching for joy and a man hiding from the demons of the past, can a happy ending be in their future?


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  1. Thanks for featuring The Princes today!


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