It’s Official! Contract #5….

It’s a good day! I’ve been offered a contract for A Late Summer Bloom, the first in my new series, Witches Of The Bayou. I look forward to bringing this story to many readers who enjoy a hot romance. This story is quite special to me. It was the second book I ever wrote and the first I had to scrap and rewrite. (Which for an author is a nightmare!) But in the end, a very smart editor told me, “you’re better than what you gave me. Rewrite it. You won’t be sorry.” And…she was right! A Late Summer Bloom is the kind of story I would enjoy reading. My trip to the Bayou in the summer of 2010 served me well. New Orleans was just as I expected and the city comes alive in the pages of my story. I will share my journey of the production of this book on my blog and will soon announce the release date and in a few weeks do my usual cover reveal. So very excited…



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