Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

mysistersshoes (2)

Where have all the good men gone? They’re between the covers of romance novels. Every hero is intricately woven from the worthy fibers of an author’s consciousness. And while we are busy constructing the foundation for what he is willing to sacrifice for his heroine, we throw in a little drama. That’s right, something that makes him….not so perfect. But, by the end of the story, he is sure to have realized what it’s all about and why he holds back. Maybe he’s one of the hero’s to break through the heroine’s issues and make her discover herself. All in all, author’s strive to make a hero real and gritty and easy to love.

What do women want? Well, we can’t always have the hot fireman with washboard abs holding a handful of puppies he just recued from a burning high rise. But, we can hope. And while we dream of these men, who aren’t made of flesh and blood but are as real to an author as her significant other, we wish for men to be men. Hoping that the good ones come out of the woodwork long enough to snatch away our heart or the heart of someone you love if yours has been taken. (like mine.) For my nieces and young women everywhere who want a good man, one with heart and moxy who isn’t afraid of what he wants, I wish you find him. Where have all the good men gone? They’re there. You just have to know what to look for.


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