There’s no place like home…

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PHEW! I made it! One week spent disconnected from the techno world in which I live? Hard. A week alone on a cruise with my husband? Priceless. We made new friends, Heidi and Mike. (Hey there…) They were so fun to be with and we hope to see them again soon. Relaxing in a hot tub until I was wrinkled has its perks too. But, now I’ve returned to reality and it’s back to work. With the holidays right around the corner, I’m stressing already. Trying to kick back and let my creative side take over is very hard in the wake of shopping, keeping up with my kids schoolwork and running a household. There are never enough hours in a day. I keep telling myself to create a schedule and stick to it but, I never do. So, just wanted to create a quick post to let y’all know, I’m still here. Back to FB, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, goodreads and my many other forums.

I did read…and that’s a good thing for The Hot List. Tomorrow I will post my latest pick. How about you? Read anything that got you all hot and bothered? Let me know and I’ll post it. It’s good to be back. (I think)


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