A Very Naughty Book Indeed…

cm-cos-acheofdesire (1)

My debut novel, Ache Of Desire, is your down and dirty, trashy, squirm in your seat kinda read. When this book hit the market last year, I was proud of this work. Looking back, I am struck by the gritty story I was able to tell about a group of three women. One in particular, Rebecca DeMorrow had her life planned to a science. But, as life unfolds, plans are changed. This story is about what happens to her dreams after college. Is her life what she expected? Turbulence and tragedy and heartache and addiction plague this novel. It is painstakingly real with issues and baggage. This is one woman’s journey to find her place of contentment. When she meets Jack, her existence in the mundane is broken. Love has finally shown up. But, like life, it throws her a curveball, one in which she never saw coming. Meet my friends in the Circle Of Six. If you like a contemporary soap-opera like story, give this book a try.

***WARNING*** Not for the fainthearted. This story involves kink of all sorts and lots of dirty talk. Heat level: SCORCHING


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