I’m At A Crossroads….


Sometimes an author has to choose whether to hang out with her characters or do what needs to be done. I, for one have a family who don’t particularly care for eating hot dogs three times a week (and trust me, we’ve been down that road.) So, what to do? For the last few weeks, I’ve grazed my Wip’s wanting so much to dig in and tell their stories. But holidays, kids schoolwork and basic housework has thrown my schedule into overdrive. Are there hours during the day? Yeah. Are there hours at night? Yeah. But, do I find the time? An unequivocal, no!

I’m at a stalemate. What to do? Is it writers block? I don’t think so. Is it stress? I don’t think it’s that either. After publishing four books in one year, I think I’m tired. Another novel is in submission and that has me hopeful but, why can’t I get over this weird hump of non-writing days? I can’t say. My husband in his infinite wisdom says, “When you’re ready, you will write. And it will be great.” I hope he’s correct. Any author’s out there who conquer? I need some words of wisdom.


2 Responses to “I’m At A Crossroads….”

  1. Robin Danner Says:

    Cherrie, I’ve been in the same place. Since last October, I’ve released a book a month. Whirlwind doesn’t describe my life! I work full time, have 3 pre-k and kindergarten aged sons, and write when I can. What I really don’t have time for is marketing. I try to keep up with social media, but I mostly just “play” or share my author pal’s promo items. I’m not very good at selling myself. A few months ago, I think about 2-3 months went by without me writing more than a couple thousand words a month. Now I’m back to writing a 50k novella in a couple of weeks. I’ve slowed down quite a bit, but you’ll get over the hump. Like your hubby said, you’ll write when you get ready. Trying to push yourself is the worst thing. Remember, you started writing because it was fun. When it stops being fun, take a break. That’s what my hubby tells me.


    • Thanks my friend. Words of encouragement is exactly what I need. Yeah…the social media stuff kills me too. I really need to concentrate on marketing but if I don’t write, there’ll be nothing to market. I’m a stay at home mom and a book a month? I couldn’t fathom it. The decorations for Halloween just came down and Christmas to soon go up (it takes days to do in my house) My husband is taking me away for a few days…A cruise to Mexico should be good for the writer in me. I leave Saturday. I wanna try some yoga on the deck at sunrise only I’m afraid once I twist my legs into a pretzel, I won’t get them straightened out again. lol. Thanks for taking the time to heed my call.


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