Guest Author: Cherrie Mack

Head on over to Love, Lust and Laptops where I am the guest author today. Join in on a fun interactive giveaway, stay awhile and bowse. Meet a few of my favorite author friends.

Love, Lust, and Laptops

Today it’s my great pleasure in welcoming Cherrie Mack to the blog. Cherrie is a busy author and mother, and I’m tickled pink that she was able to stop by and talk to us today.


Something to think about….

Did you ever wish you could undo something you did—in the bedroom? Perhaps it was something you said in the heat of the moment. Maybe it was that flimsy article of clothing that wasn’t at all flattering. Could it have been the five inch heels you put on to strut your stuff that made you fall on your ass? Or the contraption your partner convinced you would heighten your experience—And it got me thinking. In the days of technology these moments can be caught in the blink of an eye and be a constant reminder of our flawed judgment. Big or small, it can follow us, making us cringe and…

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