An Author’s Advice For The Soul

After weeks of touting my newest release, Georgie’s Dress across social media and revamping a once lame website and blog, I determined I needed a break. Just a few days to kick back and relax. But during this time, I discovered there is a gardener somewhere in the depths of my soul. And I found the one thing to help me focus. Gardening brings me to a place of calm in the likes of which I’ve never known. Somehow pulling weeds, raking and clipping has had a tremendous effect on me. The stress I was feeling has dissipated and the need for the gym, an afterthought.

So what’s the advice? After a long bout of writer’s cramp, the author in me has no desire to stop and regroup. She wants to forge ahead to other WIP’s and is driven to succeed by closing out yet another book and sending it off to submission. But, the writer in me, the one who wants to put forth her best work, her most brilliant story yet, needs to regroup. She needs a breather. She needs time off from the incessant clicking of the keyboard and the tweets of twitter. For then and only then can she breathe deep, sit down and let her fingers glide over her computer and let her creativity out of its prison.

Today, after some time away, I am ready to do just that. What’s your way of renewing your creative side?


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