Now off the subject of writing and onto the subject of life. There are days I still think about the families of Sandy Hook. The lives of so many lost in such a senseless way. And although we know no answers and struggle with why, I stop. I believe within the deepest part of me that beyond this life, there is another. You are not forgotten by the ones who go on before you. And so I am re-blogging this beautiful story for whatever it’s worth to the few followers I have. I am an author that spends her time creating a happily ever after. But this, tragically, is life. Sending love to all those who have had loved ones snatched away.

butterfly 3
Last spring, Emilie was given a live butterfly garden kit for free at a yard sale.  She lovingly stared at the box the whole way home talking and talking about how she was finally going to have a real butterfly for a pet!  I tried to explain that once the butterfly came out of its chrysalis, that she would have to set it free.  Emilie shrugged off my pessimistic comment and continued to explain why her butterfly would be different.  She would love and care for her butterfly so well, that it couldn’t possibly leave her.  I smiled and then rolled my eye’s.
Weeks passed and we watched her science project come to life in the hanging basket strung up in the corner of her room.  Everyday we would peek in and look to see if there were any changes yet.  Then finally, one morning, the first butterfly had emerged!  In…

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