Cherrie Mack’s Hot List Pick Is….

A Hot Mess by: Christy Gissendaner What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? I hope not. Because everyone should find out what happens in Vegas by reading my new Hot List Pick, A Hot Mess by: Christy Gissendaner.


The premise piqued my interest when I first saw this book. The reviews were glowing and I must admit, I love a hot contemporary short. This one fit the bill. I purchased the book and had to wait and wait before reading. Of course, my technologic genius of a mind failed me when I had a problem with my kindle. But now all is well and I’m reading away. So, the anticipation for this read gnawed at me. When I finally picked it up, it did not disappoint.

Our heroine Cait is sweet and vulnerable in ways any one of us can relate. And Dylan? He’s just so….hot! I love a hero who swoops in at the most vulnerable hour to claim the love of his life. Since they were kids, Dylan has had an affection for sweet Cait. And it’s in Vegas after Cait is promptly dumped hours before her wedding, where our hero, Dylan rides to the rescue.

These two friends quickly realize they are made for each other. The bumps along the way are deliciously sweet and the author does a great job describing the setting. I feel like I’ve been to Las Vegas when in fact I never have. Pick up this read. A Hot Mess by: Christy Gissendaner. It’s a Hot Read and the perfect addition to grace The Hot List.


4 Responses to “Cherrie Mack’s Hot List Pick Is….”

  1. Thanks so much, Cherrie, for the nice words!


  2. anngimpel Says:

    Awesome to see A Hot Mess here, Christy! I loved that book. Inhaled it and was sorry to see it end.


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