Georgie’s Dress-Book 2 in Off The Rack Available Today

Happy Release Day to me!! Georgie’s Dress is now available.


It’s time to stop running, it’s time to forgive herself, it’s time to let love into her heart again. When Georgie Randall meets a man who unleashes feelings she thought long buried, she may find the strength to do just that. Cherrie Mack brings you the story of one woman’s journey as she learns to let go and put the past behind her. The pages ignite with passion in Georgie’s Dress, Book 2 of the hot romance series Off The Rack.

For those of you who haven’t read Follow That Dress, this series follows a beautiful red rental gown. The stories vary as do the women who wear this knock out dress. Georgie Randall is one such girl. A biker chick at heart, running from a past she can’t forget and a future she can’t control, this tough beauty can’t stop love from finding her. When she dons the red “karma” gown, she prays her life can finally have a happily ever after. Take the journey with Georgie. Pull for her. You won’t regret it. Georgie’s Dress. Book 2 in my Off The Rack series is available today.


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