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The Hot List Reader’s Choice…

So after reading the recommendation for this book, I decided that in my next life, I want to be a bear. Or at least hook up with a hot bear shifter. Uh huh…That’s what I said. PREDATOR’S KISS is first in the Gemini Island series by: Rosanna Leo. Now from what I understand, a bear shifter can be very grumpy unless he has a female to share his honey with. And it may take some time but when he shares, forget lions and tigers but bears? Oh my!

Here’s what Heather had to say—

What girl can resist tall, dark, handsome and furry in all the right places, ornery man who has an inner bear that is not afraid to call him out when he is being a “MORON”! Well this one certainly can’t that is for sure. This book was an easy, fantastic, hilarious, OMG she actually wrote that coming out of “her” mouth!, devour in one sitting, 5 star read.

Our hero is a generous, intelligent, alpha male who has made his place in this world on his own and is quite (deservedly) proud of what he has and how he uses it to help others. The thorn in his paw is his cocky, irresponsible musician of a brother, a man who has created his own place in the world and is quite proud of all the beautiful women with whom he has shared his talents. Finally, our heroine arrives as a damsel in distress, bringing out the protective instincts of every man. Added to this lovely trio we have a potential hit man after the brother for sleeping with the wrong wife and a crazy stalker/fan who believes our novelist heroine belongs with him – or no one. Plus we have the guests actually staying at the Lodge on vacation; families here to relax, let loose a little and give their children a place to learn to become confident in themselves and who they truly are. And no place could run as efficiently as the Lodge without the staff who work on and live near the island.

We have teenage hijinks and lessons learned. We have family drama and brotherly aggression. We have sexual tension, crazy possessiveness and shifters ignoring the voices in their head. There is hilarious dialogue, intelligent, sassy, and insecure characters learn the difference between lust and love. Sexual tension and scorching, tension easing love scenes with the appropriate stupid man moment. We have the good guys winning, the bad guys getting what they deserve and in the end, everyone gets exactly what they need.

Another fantastic book from Rosanna Leo and I await with great joy the next book in the series – Soren is my book boyfriend! 😀

There you have it readers… Is a bear shifter on your list of must have romance reads? If you want to find out how to tame a bear, check out Predator’s Kiss by: Rosanna Leo. What’s the worst that can happen? An addiction to honey perhaps? I’ll take that risk.

And before I knew it, I was scolded for not adding Rosanna Leo’s Predator’s Serenade to the list…If you like Predator’s Kiss, waste no time checking out Predator’s Serenade. predatorsserenade

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