What Kind Of Romance Hero Do You Prefer?

What man do you like to read? A hot fireman, a strong minded lawyer, a smart doctor? How about a military guy or a clever detective? The list goes on and on. But our preference in careers doesn’t round-out what we crave in a hero does it? Yes, we want a man who is passionate about his work and of course our heroine. His attention to detail astounds us. His loving ways make us swoon and his fierce protection give us chills. And of course, there’s the body. The rippling muscles, the strong chin and deep, meaningful eyes… I don’t know a woman on this earth who hasn’t looked twice at such an alpha male. I love to write them too. My next hero is in need a career. I thought it’d be fun to get some input…what do you prefer? I’d love to know.

On another note, The Hot List Pick is coming tomorrow…And you’ll love it!


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