Readers Choice Hot List Pick

loveentwined_final_coverSo here it is, the first readers choice hot list pick… Not only do I love paranormal romance, but this book has a contemporary setting but also throws in a splash of historical, mystery and according to Nikki, the love scenes are fire extinguisher material. Oh how I love to be introduced to a new book and a genre I wouldn’t necessarily seek out. I think after reading the comments, I just might grab a copy for myself.

Here’s what Nikki had to say:

“Love Entwined has an amazing love story that transcends time, an ancient evil, a dip into historical times, a dragon, talented jewelry makers, a sad ghost, and some smoking sex scenes!”


5 Responses to “Readers Choice Hot List Pick”

  1. Yay! Love Entwined on the Hot List!

    Thanks to Cherrie for the huge author support and great Idea. Thanks to Nikki McCarver for the lovely book review and recommendation. 🙂


  2. […] Hot List is a new Facebook page created by Romance Author Cherrie Mack where readers can find great new reads per the recommendation of … readers! What better way […]


  3. Elaine A LeDoux Says:

    Hi! I just posted a book recommendation. The book is called Mocha, Moonlight and Murder by MaryAnn Kempher. When I hit her name in my recommendation, the picture of the book comes up, but I would love to have the picture with the recommendation. How do I go about doing so, or can you do that for me? Thanks so much. Love this new site. Elaine A LeDoux


    • Hi Elaine,

      Thank you for participating in The Hot List Book Club. I post the recommendations as they come in and this will be posted next week. As far as the cover, if the author is a friend of yours, perhaps you can reach out to her and request the cover art. It can then be sent to my email, and I will post it along with your suggestion. This not only goes on the Hot List Book Page, but I share it on my blog, twitter and other facebook pages as well. Readers sometimes share the post as well so the reach is not huge YET but we are working on it. If getting he cover art isn’t possible, I can post the link in its place. Again, thank you for joining in on the conversation. Have a great weekend.


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