Cherrie Mack

What does an author have to do to get a little attention around here? Okay, so the internet is a big place, I get it but, jeez. A little thumbs up on a page isn’t a lot to ask is it? Hmm. I’ve blogged, I’ve joined forums, I’ve hit goodreads and I’m tirelessly working on my author internet presence. Tweeting, blogging, pinning! It’s all very exhausting. And the worst part is, I’ve cut my writing time practically in half. Now, I’m not one to beg, but….when it’s necessary, yeah. I will. So, won’t you like me? Won’t you be my friend? Why can’t you follow me? There I finally said what I’d been thinking for months. Will I eventually wear you down? Will I win you over with my wit and Freebies? You think? Alright, I’m done begging. If you’d like a free copy of my romantic comedy, Follow That…

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