Romance Reader’s dirty little secret.

Are you a closet erotic romance reader? Do you love those hot stories that leave you needing a cold shower? Ahh, yes. A lot of us do. But, are we willing to admit it? I find it fascinating that a good portion of us don’t. I write in many different sub-genre’s of romance. I’ve written a comedy, an urban-fantasy, a paranormal and a contemporary erotic romance. Currently I am working on a romantic suspense. As I delve into my comfort zone, and most authors would agree, I let the characters lead me. If it’s instantaneous chemistry, I’ll get them together sooner rather than later. But, there’s something to be said about that slow burning build-up of a wild attraction. And I’ve discovered I love to read both. If the story supports the wild and crazy sex, I’m intrigued. If the story supports a slower development, I’m a page turner. However, I talk and write about it all. I’m not afraid to put it out there. Now granted, I wouldn’t discuss fifty shades with my ten year old nor would I post such things for a child to see. We, as responsible adults, should block the young kids from using and cruising on adult blogs and facebook pages. I have a new online book club beginning to launch and have created a facebook page, This has been set up to block profanity and anyone under the age of 17. Here’s my question: If the posts get racy, would you block your eighteen year old? And what about your seventeen year old? What are they reading nowadays? What is too racy for a facebook book club? Photos have been blocked without prior approval from the admin, so what is too much? I’d love to know. Any opinions?


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