Very Pinteresting


Very Pinteresting!stk125236rke

Oh the many ways to communicate in this age of technology. For many of us, a pinterest board says volumes about who we are without one written word. It can be quite unnerving for the author in me. However, I spend not nearly enough time creating my pinterest boards. I find when I do, I love the task of searching and grabbing the one image that states how I’m feeling.
I have a sexy older men board that most of my followers enjoy. How do I know this? Because that is my most popular board to date….And I gotta say, it’s my favorite board as well. As I age, I appreciate the experience one gets with age…Oh the experience! Yes. It can be quite the eye opener.
I also enjoy posting my picks for the characters in my books. Who inspired me? How I pictured my hero or heroine…. Sometimes the image I find is so close to my imagination, you would think I picked the image and wrote the character afterward.
This practice is fun for me and I hope for the many readers who search for their favorite character. Some will be disappointed, others intrigued but whatever your opinion, have fun and let your inner self shine through on these boards. It’s a fun way to express oneself. What do you think? Do you have a pinterest board? What are you waiting for?


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