Back To The Blog

Hi everyone. After a much needed respite, I’m back. Like I’ve said before, blogging is hard. It’s a commitment and I squelched. But, all I can do is start again and move forward, hoping the followers I had will forgive and hopefully, did not forget me. No sense getting down on myself for not following through with my every day, self-imposed obligation of blogging. I found out it’s no fun to blog when you have to. I, a big mouth at heart, never thought I’d run out of topics but, it was the topics that wore me thin. A self-confessed news junkie and advocate of all things good, my belief in humankind plummeted into the abyss. I’m still searching for my faith somewhere in the wreckage of my heart. So, I never really did stop watching the news…and the muffin top that came to visit my existing muffin top last holiday season, never really left me either. (I keep trying to drop it off at the gym but the stubborn little beast won’t leave my side.) So, not much has changed other than the cruel world in which we live. But, the good news is I’m blogging again. I’m a little older and a little wiser. I won’t blog every day but I won’t stay away long either. I’m in the midst of publishing my fourth book with many more on the way. So it’s Back To The Blog! Will you join me?


4 Responses to “Back To The Blog”

  1. Welcome back sweetie!


  2. Nice to see you’re back at it!! Website looks oh so wonderful!!


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