My Bithday Wish For You

My Birthday Wish

On this day, I have everything I need. A beautiful family, a new career, a loving husband and a happy home. So, I thought, why not use my birthday wish for my friends and followers? This is my wish for you:

I wish you find joy in your life every day.

I wish you find a teachable moment in times of despair.

I wish you a great love.

I wish you collect your wisdom and share it with anyone who will listen.

I wish you find happiness in obtaining the things you need and peace with not always receiving what you want.

I wish you find appreciation in resting your head on your pillow in a warm place to sleep.

I wish you find solace in knowing your life has meant something to others.

And finally, I wish you a successful journey through life and the knowledge that success is measured very differently in an otherworldly view.

And so, enough of my wish—here’s my advice…

Dance to the seventies music you pretend you don’t like.

Wear the old ragged sweat pants hidden in the back of your closet.

Eat a hard shell ice cream cone and run through a sprinkler once and awhile. It’s good for you.  

Watch a re-run of Happy Days (because honestly? Who doesn’t like the fonz.)

Go to a pizza place and order—a slice.

Drive with the windows open while blasting the music. (seat belt on of course)

Read a scary book and ride the ferris wheel. Life is short—make it count!

Love to all my friends and followers…as my daughter would say, “You’re the best!” =)


3 Responses to “My Bithday Wish For You”

  1. Gav fn baby! Says:

    Im running around in my undies, springsteen cranked to eleven! having ice cream for lunch. All in honor of your birthday! Wishes for a very happy day!


    • Now we’re talking! That’s the idea…Uh, can you take some pics? Just so I can check that you’re actually doing it of course….lmao!


      • Gav fn baby! Says:

        Hey! What happens in NY, stays in NY. This is a live show only, but theres balloons and party hats! Lol!


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