Romance Novels Are Bad For Your Health?

Contraception in romance novels is well…not romantic? Nah. I disagree. I think it’s important to highlight the discussion of protection OR like in my novels, speak of its use before and/or during the love scene. A new study is now claiming romance novels as being bad for your health. Uh…really? It could lead to bad judgement and mistakes during our relationships.?  As I discussed in a previous post, should books have a  generalized rating system like the movies? Most book vendors have their own rating system and there are those that do not. But a health warning? Are we going too far? My books are romance, some very erotic, others more main stream. (I go where the characters takes me) A BDSM label I have but a health warning? No I don’t think so. What’s your opinion? 


One Response to “Romance Novels Are Bad For Your Health?”

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    Enjoy! kimberly


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