Ache Of Desire

Ache Of Desire

Enter the Circle Of Six and you will be hooked.

A sexy detective with a dirty mouth and taste for kink is the perfect antidote for complacent Rebecca DeMorrow. As she meanders through her everyday existence, Jack Hunt turns her world on its ear. And for Rebecca there’s no turning back.

My debut novel came out in October. It is quite erotic. The sex scenes are numerous and adventurous to say the least. What do you read? What is your opinion on this type of book? Erotic or porn? Let me add,  the book has numerous interesting characters and the plot centers around a criminal investigation. The secondary characters have an entertaining story as well. Otherwise, how could there be another book. (Only three planned for the series) What do you think? Is this type of book becoming more mainstream. I write whatever makes sense for the characters. I have stories where no sex is present until I’m 100 pages in, if that. It’s just what makes sense. But what do you prefer? The build-up and sexual tension or a chemistry that sizzles from the starting gate? For me, I guess it depends on the story. What do you think?


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