Flying Too Close To The Flame

The past few weeks, I made an observation. If we are lucky, we all have a circle of support. When tragedy descends upon our lives, the circle closes in on us and cocoons our delicate self from further infliction of pain. The circle is made up of friends and family and it is there like a beacon in the blackest of night. I, for one, would be lost without it. Here’s where it gets interesting though. When good things come your way, whether it be success in career or finding a mate or even having a child, the circle closes in, then spreads out like a firecracker bursting into the sky. Why is that? The circle you once thought very large, seems quite tiny when the good stuff happens. There are those that will always be there, good, bad or indifferent. And those who scatter to the wind when you deliver your good news. Suffice it to say, it could be human nature . Coming to the aid of our fellow human being in time of crisis, when we really need them is natural. But, are we so jaded and mired down in our own insecurities that we are unable to feel happiness for another? Do we have to find the Achilles heel and zone in on it? Can’t we be supportive and loving and genuine? Where is this coming from? And why? I guess it’s truthful to say that we ourselves feel a little pang of envy? Can the event spark a feeling of our ineptness to achieve what we want in our own life? Is it regret? Do I myself do this? Truth be told, yes. I have. But, the older I get the more I realize why I did. I make it a point to no longer do it. Have you? Do you find it easier to comfort than celebrate with a friend or family member? And why? Is it your mood or where you are in your life that determines your reaction? I’d love to know. 


2 Responses to “Flying Too Close To The Flame”

  1. I personally enjoy being there for my friends regardless of tragedy or success, however, I do agree that there were times in my life that mood did determine my reaction. I am not proud of it and at the time I did not realize it because i was too swept up in my own self – i was able to see it after the fact. Good morning food for thought.


  2. Thank you for your comment. We’ve all been in that spot one time or another. I, like you, have seen it after the fact and now I relish in the joy and share the sadness. Age is wisdom I suppose. Not saying we are old…just saying we are old enough to tell the difference.


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