Getting Back Into Writing Is Hard

Getting back into the swing of things is harder than I thought. Especially since you don’t know what knocked you off your game in the first place. After some very deep analysis, I can bet I suffered from burn-out. Yes. It was of my own making. I realize the pressure that exists for me is in my head. Allowing myself to demand too much has sent me in a downward spiral. Time to pick myself up and get back to it. Reading has helped. My one and only escape that I hadn’t made time for has helped to rekindle the desire to finish my work. I can’t say I am suffering from writers block, although I was suspicious for a time until my characters were drowning out my thought process. But I do believe I stalled. My passion for writing was getting clouded by other things. I made excuses (which I often do when I decide I don’t want to deal with something) It all started with the dreaded news of a rewrite. It messed with my head and set me back. The truth is, I don’t doubt a rewrite is in order. But, did I mention I lack patience? Oh yeah. I definitely do. So, I’m slowly pulling myself out of the muck of self-doubt and started today with this blog. All I can say is…I’m back.


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