So You Think You Can Blog

Blogging is hard. It’s an everday commitment to yourself as well as your followers. And if there are no followers, well…it’s a test of will to keep going isn’t it? When I started my blog, I used it as a platform for readers to get to know the author in me. This has been a long road and slowly I get a new follower here and there. Slow and steady. But I should rephrase…it’s like molasses slow. Granted, I’ve only been blogging for three months but, the pace of writing and blogging and trying to market and advertise my work has slowly unraveled my enthusiasm. I don’t know if I want to continue to blog at such a steady pace. Why? Blogging is hard and the other stuff that goes along with marketing is equalling distressing when as an author all you want to do is create.  My new perspective is to do what makes me happy and pull the stress out of the equation. So, in the end I will continue to blog on my own terms. If your a blogger, can you relate? Do you ever wonder why you blog? I started this with a specific purpose in mind and it has morphed into a daily diary of sorts. I guess it’s not so bad. There are days when I have something important to say and other days when I struggle to find the words. Again, blogging is hard. What do you think?


6 Responses to “So You Think You Can Blog”

  1. When a daily post can be difficult, why not try a weekly one? I’ve been trying this frequency for a month and I must say I like it. It doesn’t feel like a chore but I can easily forget my blog when I don’t feel like writing. And when I do, I can save up that material for my weekly update. Good luck blogging and don’t give up!


    • Emmy,

      Such a great idea. A weekly blog might just be the ticket. By getting these encouraging comments today, it makes me want to continue. Isn’t it funny how fellow bloggers can come to my rescue in a time of need but, friends and family that read your blog never have comments? I stopped posting to my facebook. Lol.


  2. You’re not wrong. I write music and I often see comparisons between writing a blog and writing a song. Both (for me at least) are means of expressing myself. Sometimes I express myself through a rant following pent up frustration, sometimes I do it through light hearted humour and sometimes, when I don’t feel the need to express anything I take a little break from it.

    For the majority of us, we do this for fun (or therapy…whatever…) and we don’t get paid for it. If you have to force yourself to do anything it becomes a chore and you become a slave to it. The only way you can anything like this and enjoy it is on your timetable, at your own pace, for your own needs, and therefore, on your own terms.

    Cool post, I enjoyed reading it


    • paulvinten,

      It’s so funny because although I’m a published author, I look at a sheet of music and think, how do people write this stuff? To me it’s one of the most amazing accomplishments. I am moved by all types of music. From Emerson, Lake and Palmer to Boccelli and I can tell you that music says more than actual words. (If you know how to listen.) And yes, thank you for validating my feelings. I do not want blogging or writing in general to become a chore. Thanks for the follow and where can I listen to some of that music?


  3. i agree, but it is not unlike any other thing that at first seems easy and then does a switcheroo to hard. in my opinion, you are experiencing what we all experience – regardless of our motives or reason(s) for writing in the first place. i started blogging in winter of 2010 and during this time there have been long breaks, binges (or would you call those purges) and trickles. you enjoy writing and that is what you must do – let your joy of writing lead you.

    i look forward to reading your work 🙂


    • words4jp,

      Your experience and words of advice are much appreciated. I believe you are right and I will let my joy of writing lead the way. Thanks for the follow and the encouragement.



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