Ode To A Husband..

So, have you missed me? No blog for two days and not a peep from my peeps. Oh well. Life is harsh sometimes. Anyway, today’s blog is for my husband of fifteen years. He is my constant, my rock and more often than not, the devil that sits on my shoulder constantly at war with the angel on the other side. Yeah, he can be a little devilish at times but, in a good way. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and my new career as a romance author taking off, I wanted to pay tribute to this man who holds my world together. Seventeen years united, fifteen of them in a marital bliss? (He’s sure to roll his eyes at that one.) I can say that after the ‘fire down below’ lessens and we get a few laugh lines and a paunch around the middle (I’m referring to me, not him….No never!) I feel more deeply in love than I had on our wedding day. It’s different, I’ll give you that and I’m sure he would agree but, all in all, it’s a match well made. And to think of all the wrong roads I could have gone down. My husband often jokes that he saved me from a life of misery with the wrong man. (Anyone who isn’t him, that is.) I happen to agree. The truth is, we saved each other (Another eye roll from the hubby I’m sure.) But, if you ask him, he’ll tell you I’m right. And so goes the road to raising our children, paying the bills and trying to grab a moment of togetherness in the process. And sometimes, when the time is right and the mood sneaks up, we are back in the moment of time when all there is, is us. The attraction that brought us together is there, the loves that serves as our glue is there, the respect for each other is there and the bond that will forever linger is there too. So on this Valentine’s Day, when you look to the man you are dating, can you see what I see fifteen years down the road? And if you are married, can you still see it? And if you are single, look for it. Look high and low because it is a love worth having and a love worth keeping. Happy love month to all of you and may cupid’s arrow hit you right where it counts. I guess this is a good time to give my hubby the credit card bill. ( Okay, now his eyes just hit the wall! Lol.)


2 Responses to “Ode To A Husband..”

  1. Love this!! 😀


  2. Beautiful ode to your husband.


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