Does Size Really Matter?

If you were hoping for an x-rated blog today….no such luck. I’m talking about the word count of a novel. We know there are books that a chock full of the words we love. Chapter after chapter contain tightly written paragraphs that delve into a characters world to the point of knowing what color panty they wear if any. They are big thick books we proudly carried around in our arms as a symbol of our dedication to the written word (and at fourteen, to shout out…Look I’m smart.) But, the days of easily accessible e-books and technology enabling us to get the book we want almost immediately is giving way to shorter story lines and lower prices. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for a great novella. I wrote one myself and loved what I was able to accomplish with it. Ninety pages of love and laughter and fun. To me, size does not matter. However, I’m finding some of these warm and wonderful novellas hiding a dark secret….the cliffhanger! What? Really? Leaving the reader hanging at the end of the book is, well, just wrong! As an author, I get it….Keep the reader coming back. But, at what expense? As a reader, I get upset if I purchase a book and the storyline stops short. Huh? That just leaves me cold but, I believe this is the practice of creating a series…and you wait until the author puts out the next installment. Is this type of practice to your liking? I think it’s cool if you’re an author but how does a reader truly feel? I’m sure some love it and some hate. That’s what makes the world go around. What’s your opinion? I’d love to know.


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