Choosing A Book By Its Cover

I, like most, love a great story. I like a book with lots of story to accompany all the pheromones flying off the pages. However, there are times when a short, hot novella is just what the Doctor ordered. I love to immerse myself in a good book and in the days of technology, the hunt for the right book is sometimes as much fun as the reading of said novel. I like to read reviews and often get suspicious of so many five-star ratings. I also like to compare one readers thoughts to another. This usually does not sway my decision in buying the book although I do find myself thinking, I should have taken the reviewers advice. I sometimes enjoy reading the synopsis and used to spend hours browsing the book aisles and choosing, yep, you guessed it….I often chose a book by its cover. Do we still do that? I suppose. Anyway, I for one, love a hot cover. If the visual grabs me, I go on to read the synopsis and wala…the author just snagged a new reader. But, as of late it’s hard to tell the good, the bad and the ugly. A beautiful cover can often reveal a really bad story or a plain cover can sometimes surprise you. The covers I seem to be drawn to are the ones with a beautiful ocean town or a big old house and the picture makes me want to explore further and so its done its job. Since I’ve become a romance-aholic, I like a cover with just body parts. No details beyond that are necessary. I let the characters come alive in my imagination. Bodies are all the same, at least in book . LOL. What draws you in to choose a book? Is it the reviews? The ratings? The cover? Or the synopsis? What’s your opinion? I’d love to know.


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