Still At The Starting Gate? Yep.

So what happens between the time a reader picks up a book and discovers her latest read is great and she immediately seeks out other titles by the author? She spreads the word and tells everyone she knows about the ‘book.’ This has happened to me as a reader and one author in particular, I believe it was Feehan, had a vampire series I just had to devour. And so, fiftyish books later and a whole world of shifter’s and vampires under my belt, I read her series. It was formula writing at its best but, who cares, I loved it. But, by the time I read Dark Prince, the first in her series, the other thirty something in the series had already been written. How could I have missed it? As an author, I understand this. I am not looking for a quick overnight success story or flooding Facebook until my friends start to de-friend me one by one. I do not want to become that annoying girl who, no matter what conversation she is having, is selling over and over. I am hoping for more of a slow and steady success story instead of a fast and speedy one but I am hoping for success just the same. I write and write and write and hope for the best. So for right now, I am still at the starting gate and probably will be for months and months. Eventually word will spread if my books are an enjoyable to read and wala…A following I will have. Until that time, my loyal blog followers, you get me all to yourself. Aren’t you lucky?  =)


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