Every Man Asks This Question

The question every man would love to know the answer to is, does every woman love a bad boy? You know the type, tattoos, bulging muscles, thick glossy hair and a bad attitude. When I write these hero’s I find an Achilles heel, something to make them vulnerable and guarded. They’re not bad exactly, they’re just defensive, protective of their own hearts. Yeah…That’s how it is in a book but not always in real life. I got to thinking…is this the reason a good amount of woman seek out the bad boy? Can the bad decision a woman makes in love have anything to do with the stories we often read about. Such as the fantasy of the ultimate bad boy who is finally cornered and made to face the love he had been running from? For decades women have been trying to find that one diamond in the rough. Are we conditioned in some way as young girls by the stories of these men in books and movies? I can’t say for sure, just thinking aloud mostly but my novels have many of these hero’s. What do you read when reading romance? Sound familiar? Are these guys lurking in any of your books? What’s your opinion? I’d love to know?


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