Blogging Or Jogging? That Is The Question

I need to exercise! The re-appearance of my muffin top back in the fall has not left me alone. I’ve been writing in all of my spare time and need to pencil in some time to work-out. I loved my classes. I took aerobics, spin, and belly dancing. I even tried jogging. But the problem is not doing it, the problem is getting there. I just can’t seem to make this a priority. To make matters worse I discovered, sssh…an age spot! Yup! A little tiny brown spot on my hand that winks at me every morning practically yelling “hey you…yeah you. you’re not getting any younger..better get over to the gym before you grow bat wings and your ass cheeks hit the floor.” Oh joy! But, when I’m in the middle of telling a story every minute of every day that is free is spent writing. Now the girl scout cookie sale begins and last year I ate three boxes of Savannah Smiles (I love the little lemony bite-size morsels…) Damn it! I need help. Anybody out there that can offer me some good advice on how to step away from the cookie and introduce myself to Planet Fitness? I sure need help! 


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