On Fast Forward To Slow Down

Yesterday, I was on fast forward. All day long. My plan to catch up on the most needed chores around my house worked out well. Granted, I didn’t sit down until 8pm but hey, who’s complaining? My house reminds me of the way it once used to be before the writing took over. Before the stories in my head begged to be written down, my house and my life were pretty organized. Now? Chaos! Although I barely made a dent, I don’t think I will be happy going back to disarray. For some reason, I can’t think. I decided to schedule myself some work days. Big chunks of time to write and edit and revise like mad and put the world on hold. Think I can? How does everyone else do it? Some people have full-time jobs plus families to go along with their writing careers. I realize I can be too demanding of myself and push to create a great book. As does every writer I know. But, the difference is, once it’s done I want to move onto the next. But, that doesn’t always work out. I’ve been learning that once a book is complete, I must let it sit for a few weeks without looking at it. This will help me rediscover my flaws and help me do a final edit.  Otherwise, I kick myself for being too eager to move on to the next project. My impatience is my own worst enemy! How about you? What is your worst enemy?    


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