Writing a novel is a team effort

When I write a book, I write it as I see it. I write off the top of my head, never sure where the story will take me. I start with one character and suddenly my story morphs into a full-blown novel with supporting characters who eventually need their own book. BUT, that’s just the beginning. After countless hours editing and writing the dreaded synopsis, the story is then sent off to the publisher. At this point you chew your fingernails down to the nub waiting for the email stating….accept or reject. Or, revise and resubmit, which is a nice way of saying revise and….we’ll see. Ugh! After experiencing all of the above, I can tell you, writing a book takes a team. Because, after all the bells and whistles you receive from your ever-loving publishing house, you take a step back, look at your book and breathe a sigh of relief. What a difference! I am lucky to be surrounded with smart readers who recognize a great story but, can tell you where you need to improve to bring out the best pats of the book. Without them, my books would be less than great. So,it’s not just the author that makes a great book, it’s those individuals behind the scenes that bring the book to life. We are a team and I’d never want to complete this process without them.


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