If You Write It….They Will Come?

After many years, I finally found my calling. I’m lucky because most of us do not. Writing has always been a passion and since the publication of my debut novel, Ache Of Desire, I’ve been writing steadily. The amount of stories I’ve crafted in such a short time astounds me. I’m sure there are writers who can churn out lots of stories and are damn good at it too. But, for me? A new writer just learning the ropes? I’m proud of myself. That being said, my belief is, if you write it, they will come. BUT, is that really the case? Some say no. It is hard work, yes . But is it luck that ultimately serves up a great number of readers? Getting discovered by a reader, who ultimately can’t put your book down is a plus, getting that reader to believe in you enough to spread the word is….well…all about luck. I do little in the promotion arena. Yes, I facebook, I tweet, I blog, I visit forums…etc. But the precious  little time I have to do these things takes away from my writing. The more I write, the bigger my book shelf and I think as time goes on, the readers will read. What do you think? Do I have this all wrong?


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